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Author Topic: ---General Forum rules---  (Read 3032 times)


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---General Forum rules---
« on: June 28, 2016, 07:48:10 AM »
1. Please respect each other and don't flame new members.

2. If you have an issue with a member, PM a moderator or admin.

3. Any racist,abusive, bigoted or discriminating posts will not be tolerated.

4. Trading(Selling/Buying/Advertising) on the forum is not permitted by any member, If you decide to buy/sell via PM, trading is done at your own risk, no advertising in your signatures this will be edited or removed.

5 . We may act on reported private messages regarding selling/trading etc.

6. Linking to Card Sharing Payservers for any reason is not allowed.

7. Discussions about Cardsharing are not allowed, including, but not limited to, CCcam, Oscam, MGcamd, Gbox, Mbox, etc....

8. Discussions about Servers, Providers, Clines,Nlines, Gift's etc will be edited or removed.

9. Do not post warez, keygens ( or links to them) or serials or links to any warez sites.

10. Do not post keygens in any form or links .

11. Do not post torrents, nzbs or links to any torrent or nzb website.

12. Do not post links/mention other forums with similar content.

13. Do not hijack threads with unrelated questions, start your own thread.

14. Do not upload Automotive Software of any kind. This includes cracks, keygens and license keys.

15. No personal information ,email addresses,social media, phone numbers etc to be posted in the forums.

16. Do not post links to your websites in your signatures or posts as this may be seen as advertising.

17.English is the only acceptable language on the forum .Please adhere to this,to avoid unnecessary confusion to other members,And to allow the staff to be able to moderate the forums.

18. Multiple Identities are not permitted.This is in the interest of transparency and fairness to fellow members.Aliases WILL be removed.

19. If you use fake emails to register these WILL be detected and you will be banned.

Sanctions may be applied if these rules are broken. Further infractions within a certain timescale will result in a temporary ban.

Enjoy the forums and have fun!  ;)

The WSC tools team
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